Who is it? (Laetitia's story)

Ki, in Japanese, means “breath-energy-mind-feeling-sensation”.

Ki, in Sumerian, the "Earth" (opposite to Heaven), and the female deity who represents it.

Ki was born from this sweet mixture, from a breath that one day carried me away, from a call for the Earth that upset me and made me question my life until I asked myself:

Who am I?

As a child, when I was asked what I wanted to do later, I answered without hesitation “interior decorator”. I could spend hours leafing through Elle Décoration, Marie Claire Maisons...all those magazines that I bought with my pocket money. I imagined choosing this rug, which goes well with this sofa. Repaint my room in coral or spend a fortune to buy me this pretty wrought iron bed spotted in a shop in the South of France. A few years later, and with an already full CV, I finally realized my dream: to imagine and decorate offices in Paris! A first step in this universe, a way to express myself differently.

Decorating is not just about dressing, it's a way of traveling, of dreaming, of crossing seas and oceans, of soaking up a culture. I have always cherished this definition which is so personal to me by bringing back an object from all my escapades in order to transform my home into a memory box.

I don't choose these objects at random, I look for a particularity, a small defect or an imperfection that will make it something unique.
Looking at them I am transported to the place where I bought it, other times it is their smell that reminds me of an atmosphere, touching them I imagine the hands of the one who created it.

And then, in October 2018, during a trip to Bali, the wind of Ki finally came to tickle my nostrils. It's obvious, an instant love at first sight for this island, its landscapes, its inhabitants, this way of life so gentle and so far from what we know at home...

It was in this remote land that my secret ingredient appeared to me.
This is where I found my Ki, my magic recipe for mixing Earth, decoration and my passions. And, a few months later, Ki will become Ki decoration.

Here is my definition of Ki:
A multitude of objects, know-how and professions, a guaranteed way to make a memory box as beautiful as it is loaded.

Embark with me in this world, this place, where, every week, you will be offered antique objects, Balinese essentials as well as tailor-made creations, according to my desires! All 100% made in Indonesia, 100% made in Bali!